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Christopher Cruz (b. 1992) is a New York City-based photographer who is known for his portraits and his authentic approach of photography. Influenced by his educational background in music, he photographs New York City's hottest up-and-coming musicians and artisans, creating album art, and capturing the uniqueness of their creative lifestyles. A true storyteller in nature, Chris shows the truth behind what it takes to be a creative in the contemporary and has turned his love for music into a career that articulates the real work of local and global household names.


Being an avid producer, Chris works with Dear World (a national storytelling company) in which he partners, produces, and photographs storytelling events for organizations such as the One World Strong Foundation; a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by terrorist attacks, hate crimes or traumatic events. He also tours the country attending college campuses with Dear World, granting young adults a safe space to share their stories and capturing portraits that portray them perfectly.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris has expanded his portfolio to include his work as an activist & photojournalist. Documenting the protests happening in New York City, he developed a limited edition print book and donated the funds raised to NYC Action Lab in support of their Black Lives Matter Movement initiatives. He has also worked with Dear World to establish a grant to support photographers to continue to work while their industry has been devastated by the pandemic. Chris continues to work with creatives, emphasizing that creativity cannot be quarantined. Forever being a believer in the power of a knowledgeable community, he'll soon be launching his Capture One Fundamentals class to give new users the tools and tips they need to upgrade their in-studio workflow prowess.