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Hello! My name is Christopher, I am a New York City-based Photographer and Experiential Producer who has assembled and worked with many creative teams across North America and Europe. 


My clients and team members describe me as resonant, calming, and contemporary. After 9 years of doing this full-time, I can only agree with them.


My photographic style is very much environmental; I love to capture creative people doing what they do best in the spaces they create in. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the spaces they choose to show up in. I accept that premise by capturing subjects authentically and purposefully.


Throughout my career, I've been able to connect people and curate exciting spaces where creativity can spark and innovation can thrive. While working for Dear World, I designed and executed events around storytelling experiences, live on-stage activations, and photo/video shoots so that individuals and clients can better understand the people who make up their communities. While freelancing, I've aided in the development of creative spaces and communities for photographers, musicians, videographers, and influencers to connect and share resources. Now, as Director of Operations for Apt-122, I produce events with phenomenal teams for clients like Google and UnitedMasters.

On a personal level, aside from consuming all things music-related, I am big on personal development and advocating for the normalization of diversity, equity, and inclusion everywhere. I am a mentor to many in the photo industry and an active member of creative communities in NYC and Philadelphia. I love to share my knowledge with those who seek to learn as I know you can be both a student and a teacher simultaneously.

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